Want to have better sex? Read these tips to help you please your partner and spice up things in the bedroom!

Having better sex is at the top of most of our lists of wants. We all want to improve our own performance, even if it is only for the benefit of our partners. We all want to last longer, have more fun, or increase our libido to live up to expectations. Here are 9 ways that you can start doing all of the above and have better sex, starting today. 

Sex Couple

The 9 Ways to Increase Your Sexual Pleasure 

There are lots of ways to up the ante in the bedroom. Here are a few tips and tricks that could turn you into a better lover. 

1 – Hire a Professional 

What better way to increase the sexual pleasure you feel during the act than by hiring a professional to show you the ropes. Someone who ‘does’ sex for a living, is someone who has a lot to teach you if you are willing to learn. You can expect cheap escorts in London to teach you the ways of the bedroom on a consensual basis. Escorts are beautiful people who can ease tension in a relationship by relaying to you how to please your partner sexually. Then you can take this knowledge and pass it on to your own partner. Everyone wins. 

2 – Try Porn 

Trying porn with a partner can be a healthy way to grow together as a couple. Watching too much porn is bad for us because it distorts our expectations of real-life sex. However, watching porn together with your partner allows you to explore the turn-ons you never knew about before. You can find out the sexual fantasy you both have by seeing a visual representation of people having sex whilst showing your fantasy to find out if this type of sex is for you. You can even stream it for free on the internet. 

3 – Engage in Breathing Techniques 

Without a word of a lie, you can have better orgasms during sex if you learn how to breathe through them, rather than fighting them. Sexual orgasms are nothing to be afraid of. It is the epitome of pleasure during sex, whether it is hit through cunnilingus, penetrations, foreplay, anal sex or good old fashion sexual touching the destination is still the same and it is very pleasurable. An orgasm triggers our fight or flight instinct. We are relaxed, but we also fight that tide because we don’t want to lose control. As it turns out, losing control is exactly what we want to do, and breathing exercises can help. 

4 – Spend Longer on Foreplay 

Sometimes, our sexual pleasure falls short because the deed is too fast. We can’t all last for hours and that’s just fine. If this is a problem for you, spend longer on foreplay and the act itself will be more rewarding as a result. The study shows that women achieve more intense orgasms by cunnilingus and clitoral stimulation than by sexual penetration.

5 – If You’re Smoking: Quit

It might sound ridiculous, but your smoking is impacting your sexual health and enjoyment. Smoking blocks the blood flow to the penis, thereby making it harder for men to become aroused and stay aroused. In women who are sexually active, smoking stops the body from fighting the HPV virus, which can increase your risk of cancer. Just stop. 

6 – Use Sex Toys 

They are there to play with. Sex toys are an amazing way to increase pleasure during sex. It can arrange from vanilla sex toys like dildos and whips to hardcore sex toys like anal beads and bondage. We live in a time where partners like to experiment sexually in a safe space. If it can lead to more intense orgasms during sex then that is a great outcome.

7 – Experiment More 

If you’ve always had a sexual fantasy that you wish you could try out, tell your partner about it. If they love you, it won’t change how they feel about you. Better yet, it could revolutionize your sex life. Sexual fantasies as long as it is consensual are nothing to be ashamed of. It makes sex with your partner so much more interesting than the same sexual penetration in the missionary position for 40 years. One or two positions would be a very boring sex life for anyone. There are many types of fantasies when it comes to sex from role-playing to dominatrix. There is a sexual situation to turn anybody on in an act of passion. You could also see a sex therapist who can help you both discover your sexuality.

8 – Talk Dirty 

If you haven’t tried dirty talking with your partner yet, you are missing out. Don’t force it, if it doesn’t come naturally, it can take you out of the moment. Start simple and expand with time. You might want to have a conversation before to really discuss what words might turn off your partner sexually and what words will increase the intensity of sexual pleasure.

9 – Thrill Yourself 

Experimenting with your own body is something not all of us did when we were younger. Try some solo play for fun between the sheets. Masturbation is healthy. It helps you know your body and find the infamous G-spot and you can show your partner during sex for tremendous pleasure. Sometimes masturbation can help outside the relationship, if your partner has a lower libido than you then masturbation can ease some of your sexual tension. This ensures there is no undue pressure on your partner for sex or in the worst scenario avoids you from having a sexual affair and destroying your relationship for a short sex encounter that is not worth your relationship.