A lot of guys get all excited about local sex. A lot of guys think that once they join a website or download a mobile dating app that all their sexual supply problems will go away. I really can’t blame them for thinking along these lines. After all, a lot of these solutions are free. Whenever you put the words free and sex together there are sure to be tons of guys who are greatly excited about the prospect. The problem is things that may seem great in theory and look good in black and white on a piece of paper or on a computer screen may not turn out to be so hot after all. Except of course if you use a site that does this the right way.

All the seemingly amazing theories and ideas we’ve had in the past often translate badly when it comes to reality that we can touch, smell, see, and hear. In other words, there’s a problem with the translation to reality. Local sex is one of those concepts. In your mind, going to an online place where you can do a search for local pussy is the best thing since sliced bread. In your mind, nothing would be more convenient than simply whipping out your mobile app and then just doing a quick, random search for people who are looking for a stiff, hard dick.

It’s easy to see the advantage of all these. The problem is there’s a lot more going on with this typical situation. If you don’t play the local sex game right, not only you can end up screwing up your relationships in the here and now, you might also be putting into motion a situation where you can’t aspire for higher things in the future. You have to remember that a lot of the top politicians and pillars of society now used to be broke, unemployed or extremely horny. In other words, they had situations that are somewhat similar to yours. Everybody used to be young and stupid once.

The problem is if you do certain things when you were young and stupid, they can cast a long shadow into your future. They might impact things that you’re doing when you’re older, richer and wiser. If you don’t want to screw things up then you need to redefine local sex. At the very least you need to look for local sex in an area that is not very local. In other words, if you’re looking for emotion-free sexual action, look for it far, far away from home. This way you don’t shit where you eat.